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Ingela Berger has been singing and writing songs all her life.Ingela Berger

She has a stage education (theatre and music) and owns her own company. Over the years she has composed more than one hundred songs – pop, rock, jazz and Swedish “visa” ballads. She writes in both English and Swedish, her native language.

Some of her songs have been signed by music publishers and a few have been recorded by other artists.

She is currently looking for joint ventures with co-writers, producers and musicians.

She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where she was born.

Ingela Berger has been working with a variety of things, including art exhibitions and translating books. She studied to become a stage director. Through some difficult times, including the loss of her 15 year-old son, she learned much more than she had planned to.

Now she brings her knowledge from the art world and her life experience with her, when encouraging others to create a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle. She likes to write songs that people can relate to, about being sincere, being true to yourself, being happy in a sad world, about longing and about how difficult it is to be a human being. Her songs are about daring to live, to dream, to reach for something big, and about that there is a place for you in this world.

Some have compared her style to Kate Bush, Björk, Swedish Laleh and even Patty Smith. Her influences range from the simple, heartfelt sincerity of Joni Mitchell or Melanie, to the complex structure of progressive rock group Genesis.


Hobbies: reading, writing, web design, photography…

Favourite places to be: the Stockholm archipelago, London, the Scandinavian forest, a comfy sofa…


Photo: Marie Westerlind

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