My Music Site! 2

Here it is. Finally. My own music site. I’m on my way to share my music with the world! You have no idea of how long I have been waiting and preparing for this moment! So now – welcome dear music friend! I hope you will come back here often!

Bear with me while I build this new site, it will not be too long until it is complete and filled with music.

My very best,


About Ingela

Ingela writes the most lovely songs and performs them in her very unique and personal way. With uplifting and encouraging lyrics she wants to comfort and strengthen the listener and share a feeling of happiness. Some have compared her style to Kate Bush, Björk, Swedish Laleh and even Patty Smith. Her influences range from simple, heartfelt sincerety (like Joni Mitchell or Melanie) to progressive variations (like Genesis or Sally Oldfield).

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