My album is out! 2

Finally! It’s out! My own album. Now you can download my songs and keep them on your own mp3-player or computer to listen any time you want! This is a big day for me. Please help me share this news with the world! I have waited so long for this day. If you have a dream of your own, then you know how happy it makes you feel when you see yourself at the goal. I don’t have many followers yet. Is my music worth more likes and shares? Will you help me come closer to my goal?

This is my album, and it’s called Soul Garden. The ten songs on it are about being sincere, being true to yourself, being happy in a sad world, they are about longing and about how difficult it is to be a human being. They are about daring to live, to dream, to reach for something big, and about that there is a place for you in this world. Some are about creating a perfect day and finding a “perfect” man…

I have put my soul in these songs. They are each a piece of my heart. They are for comfort, for hope and joy.

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About Ingela

Ingela writes the most lovely songs and performs them in her very unique and personal way. With uplifting and encouraging lyrics she wants to comfort and strengthen the listener and share a feeling of happiness. Some have compared her style to Kate Bush, Björk, Swedish Laleh and even Patty Smith. Her influences range from simple, heartfelt sincerety (like Joni Mitchell or Melanie) to progressive variations (like Genesis or Sally Oldfield).

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