Kate Bush Sound- Alike Releases Debut Album at 55; “I Want to Prove It’s Never Too Late” Says Songwriter Ingela Berger

55-year-old Swedish songwriter and singer Ingela Berger releases her debut album in September. Berger says she wants to set an example and prove to other talented people with dreams that it’s never too late to act on them.

Ingela Berger

Ingela Berger

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) September 26, 2013 ­­– Swedish songwriter and singer Ingela Berger, 55, releases her debut album, “Soul Garden” in September. It’s fresh, new pop music with a unique sound. But a long struggle lies behind her release. “It hasn’t been an easy road to travel for me” she writes on her new website, http://swedishsongwriter.com. In the mid-nineties she lost her fifteen-year-old son to leukaemia, and more than once, life has given her difficult times that have forced her to take long detours.

She was close to breakthrough a few times. “Over the years I have got so much positive feedback from people in the music business that I knew I had to keep pushing” she says. But then something came up and she had to put her music aside. “It’s called life” Berger says, “but you have to make a living somehow and I had four children to feed. So, at times, music had to wait for years while I was struggling to make ends meet doing other things. There were times when I didn’t even sing in the shower.”

She has also been struggling with her self-confidence. “I have done this all by myself and at times it has been a lonely struggle. When few people understand what you’re doing it’s very easy to give up” she says.

But something kept her going and recently she decided that it’s now or never. “I should have done this years ago” she says. “Nobody is going to discover you. Everybody is too busy with their own affairs. In the end, you have to do it yourself; you have to make it happen.”

When she started to submit her music to different opportunities again, several music professionals showered her with positive critique, such as “this vocal is beautiful and beyond” and “your melodies are stunning”. “I got this response for the song ‘No Way I Will Forget You’, which certainly is one of my best songs”, Berger says, “and this feedback encouraged me to make this album”.

It’s a self-release and Berger has controlled every part of it: composing, writing the lyrics, singing, producing, arranging and playing every sound on the album in her home studio. Although she loves to work independently, she says it would have been easier, more fun and inspiring to cooperate with other people. “Next time round I hope to have found workmates”, she says. “I’ve got lots of new material to work on.”

The lyrics of the title track, “Soul Garden”, are about depression, and she uses the metaphor of our inner being as a garden where all sorts of flowers grow. “But in the garden there are also birds that you can feed so you can fly away with them above it all” she explains.

Ingela Berger has written more than one hundred songs and she started off in her early teens. “I want to inspire people with my music and create a feeling of hope and comfort in a sad world” she says. “I know from personal experience that sad and difficult things can be turned into something good”. She has studied music, acting and theatre directing in Stockholm. Some have compared her voice to Kate Bush, Björk and Sally Oldfield. Her musical references range from the simple, heartfelt sincerity of Joni Mitchell to the complex structure of progressive rock group Genesis.

The album can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ingelaberger or at http://swedishsongwriter.com/my-music. It is also available for streaming on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ingelaberger/sets/soul-garden-album. For more information, contact Ingela Berger:


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