Light Shines on you!

It’s that time of year again! The best time. In my corner of the World it is getting greener and lighter by the hour. The Swedish winter is a very dark and long one. But today it is a totally wonderful spring day with green and pink colours all around.   Light Shines is the […]


Andromeda – reach out and catch this moment!

Andromeda is one of my personal favourites, a song I wrote to a friend who couldn’t see the love all around him. He just didn’t notice, and he was afraid to let go and let love into his life. This song is not on the album. Here are the lyrics:   And so the sun […]

I’m on the Radio :-) 1

I’m on air tonight! My song “My Little Piece of Everything” is played on Radio 101 in Malta. Music journalist Eric Montfort chose the song from my debut album “Soul Garden”, I think it was a good choice. Listen to it on SoundCloud: My Little Piece of Everything

My album is out! 2

Finally! It’s out! My own album. Now you can download my songs and keep them on your own mp3-player or computer to listen any time you want! This is a big day for me. Please help me share this news with the world! I have waited so long for this day. If you have a […]

My Music Site! 2

Here it is. Finally. My own music site. I’m on my way to share my music with the world! You have no idea of how long I have been waiting and preparing for this moment! So now – welcome dear music friend! I hope you will come back here often! Bear with me while I […]